Stephanie (ephee) wrote,

Friends Only.

If you would like me to add you, read the following and comment here. I'm not a picky person and always looking for new friends. I enjoy reading about the things everyone is going through, life by life stuff.  I miss all the friends I've made on here and lost contact with and truly enjoy keeping in touch with the few who are still around or keep in touch through other outlets.


THE GIRL: Stephie, 20something, college graduate, bookworm, 3rd grade teacher, child at heart literally, embraces inner fangirl (sorry, I'm not sorry), desperately wants to travel the world, moving to Australia in a few months.

BOOKS: Harry Potter series: Hermione Granger is my idol, RAVENCLAW with a bit of Hufflepuff in me, in love with Cedric Diggory & Oliver Wood, adores Ron, a bit in love with SIRIUS BLACK (still in denial).  My one true obsession.  Loved: The Hunger Games series, Mortal Instruments series, and Divergent.

TELEVISION: Veronica Mars (RIP): LoVe fan for all time, soft spot for Logan Echolls, Weevil love you long time, adored Felix & Cassidy, would spend any day with Dick Cassablancas; Doctor Who: Rose & The Doctor; Gossip Girl: big fan of Blair Waldorff and her fashion; Dawson's Creek: P/Jer for all time, head over heels for Pacey J. Witter; Roswell: Max/Liz fan, adored Micheal; The OC: Seth Cohen all the way.

MOVIES: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You.

ADMIRES: J. K. Rowling, Hermione Granger, Stacy Dupree of Eisley, Jesse Lacey of Brand New, Tim Burton

MUSIC: Literally almost anything, especially if it gets me dancing.

OTHER INTERESTS: fashion whore, interior design, web design, adobe photoshop, apple/mac, making to do lists, post-its, office supplies, photography, doodling, writing, see the world, organizing, daily planner.

    I want braces even though I have straight teeth.
    I love changing my hair, but I've simmered it down lately. (Stick to one style for a few years now.)
    I want to have to wear glasses. (Slightly)
    I obsess about having certain things being organized,
        but my room is usually a disaster.
    I would rather stay at home alone than go out with a big crowd.
    I tend to fall in love with fictional characters from books.
    I am TERRIFIED of frogs, especially tree frogs.
    I love learning about random people and their lives.
    I am a comment whore. I love giving and receiving them.


JUST TO BE WARNED: I tend to write posts about things that excite me at the moment. That could be fandomish things or material items, it is so random. I talk about my daily life. Every now and again I write some thoughtful entry, but I'm very hesitant to share it with everyone. I sometimes rant about things that annoy me, and it could end up taking over a couple entries at a time. However, I like to think that I'm (usually) a carefree and optimistic person. I try to be more positive.

To be added, please copy&paste the following in a comment and fill it out. I'd like to "meet you" and learn something about you before I add you. Also, I'd like to know what we have in common and so on.

Tags: !friends only, rl: about me

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  • Lifetime To Do List.

    Disclaimer: For some time I have been thinking of random things that I want to do in my life. I have kept them in my head for so long that I think I…